The RTW Together Business Improvement District is offering town centre workers the chance to attend a free professional, one hour self defence class, instructed by Surge Self Defence. We provide a free personal alarm for attendees, and you will receive a worksheet of the moves and tips covered to take away with you, and a code to access an app designed for promoting safety.

The session covers topics and physical elements such as:

Being grabbed from behind and evading the hold, being grabbed by the wrist, escaping a chokehold, knife defence, mugging, being followed, bag defence – how what we carry can be used as a defensive weapon and the legality of self defence – the law regarding defending oneself and what we can / cannot do.

Next class times

Friday January 21st, 2022, Grub&Liquor, Nevill Street (Near Pantiles)

At the following times:

10-11am / 11-12pm / 12-1pm / 1-2pm


Pre-booking essential, first come first served: please email giving your name, place of work within the town centre, and which time slot you would like to attend. Contacting from a work email address is preferable if possible.

Please note that these sessions are only available for town centre staff (those who work within a RTW town centre shop, bar, pub, restaurant, salon, nightclub, corporate office etc.) Sadly we cannot provide slots for members of the general public, community groups etc.



Classes are open to both men and women and sessions may be mixed. We recommend that you wear comfy clothes and footwear, as some light activity is required. Classes are for town centre staff and are not open to family, friends, members of the public.

Any questions:


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